"Nest" etching, Ann Eldridge

"Nest" etching, Ann Eldridge

We first came across Ann Eldridge when we received one of her etchings titled “Nest” as a gift. It coincided with our youngest daughter going off to college and us becoming 'empty nesters'. How appropriate!  What a great reminder that an empty nest, whilst somewhat sad, can also be a beautiful thing! We guarded our three 'eggs' warmly, saw them hatch, then fed and nourished our offspring until they flew off as fledgling adults, and our job was somewhat done. This gift always reminds us of that achievement. (Thanks gift-givers, Nick & Alison!) 

We love Nest for that reason, but we also marvel at so many aspects of the work itself. Reflecting a great eye for detail, and the 'patience of Job', Ann's work is always wonderfully executed and really captures the essence of the beauty of the 'ordinary' in the natural world. Her compositions offer a bird’s eye view of the subject matter, and at the same time, an intimacy borne from close observation and experience. Her 'true stories' are an education and a delight. And don’t overlook the titles of her work. They often reflect a great sense of humor, and spark a knowing smile.

The lack of strong color in these mainly black & white or sepia-toned images means that an Eldridge etching is very mellow, and will 'fit' in almost any room, with any color scheme, or any style. Most of her work is small scale - again, making it easy for even a life-long art collector to find a spot for one of her delightful pieces. And of course, Ann's etchings are mostly made in an 'edition', which makes her work surprisingly affordable.

We still love it when our 'birds' fly back to visit, and we still enjoy our Eldridge 'Nest' daily. We have to confess, it's one of our favorites. Which is yours?!

We are thrilled to bring you Ann Eldridge's work in our first online-and-in-the-gallery, mini-blink, solo show. Enjoy!