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September 27 - October 20, 2019
Lexington, Mass. – Gallery Twist is delighted to bring you its autumn show “re/seeing Humdrum”, seeing beauty in the ordinary and everyday.

Spectacular landscapes, festive celebrations and unique moments are special, but by implication, they don't happen very often. However - beauty, goodness and truth can be seen and appreciated on a daily basis, and even in the most ordinary and 'humdrum' times, places and spaces. Sometimes 'everyday' gratitude for the simple pleasures in life is the key to a sense of well-being and a life well-lived.

Artists often notice things we otherwise might miss - looking closer, wider or from a different angle, or seeing through their own unique 'lens'. Some take something ordinary and make it something special. Gillian Ross, co-owner and curator of Twist, remarked, “This show highlights the gentle rhythms of life, celebrates home comforts, and draws attention to the beautiful, simple things that don't shout loudly for it.’

With over 200 pieces of art and more than 40 New England artists taking part, the show offers visitors an eclectic mix of styles and media.

The exhibition runs from September 27th to October 20th, 2019, and the gallery is open from 11:00am to 5:00pm every day.

Twist has gained a reputation for the unique way in which its shows are curated. As one visitor put it, “You feel like you have walked into a story. Going from room to room, you discover a different chapter that draws you in and beckons you on to the next.” Each chapter or room displays artworks that, in some way, relate to one another. In addition, art is staged by placing objects that have some association with the works, which creates a type of vignette. Another visitor commented, ‘Seeing the artwork hung in context makes the viewing experience so much more meaningful. The work is technically great, but the focus here is so much more on the heart and soul of what the art is about’.”

The exhibition, housed in a 150-year-old home near the Battle Green in Lexington, Mass. provides a perfect backdrop in which to experience art and imagine pieces in one’s own home. You can see more details at

As well as individual visitors, gallery twist is pleased to welcome groups for exclusive tours of the gallery and the art. Its website gives a glimpse of participating artists, and what to expect at the show. More information on opening hours can be found at

About Gallery Twist
Each year gallery twist hosts five themed shows that typically hang for four weeks. Set in a Victorian residential home in the historical district in Lexington, Mass. the gallery provides visitors with a perfect setting to imagine art in their own home or workspace. Artwork is displayed on two floors of the home including the large foyer, living room, library, dining room, a double bridal staircase and two upstairs rooms. Art is offered at a variety of price points. The gallery’s website also offers a means of viewing and purchasing art.

Gillian Ross is the creative force behind gallery twist. She has extensive experience curating art exhibitions. For the past eight years, she has been Gallery Director of Grace Chapel’s Art Gallery in Lexington, a role in which she continues to serve. A printmaker and painter, Ross was also an artist member of Depot Square Gallery, which operated in Lexington Center for 28 years.

Despite the grandeur of the home, the Rosses plan to set a more relaxed tone in gallery twist.  John remarked, “Shopping for art can be an intimidating experience.  We want to change that by creating a very welcoming environment for visitors and by offering original artwork at a variety of price points.”
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