Judith Ann Eldridge was born in northern Maine and has spent the last thirty years in the town of Bradford New Hampshire. Ann graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art concentrating on lithography. With no lithograph press in sight upon graduation, she began working with Elena Colin at her intaglio studio in Worcester Massachusetts where she learned the finer points of etching and aquatint that had eluded her in college. Elena Colin published a limited edition of handmade books of poetry of Robert Frost which Eldridge illustrated.  

Biology is the other strong interest of Eldridge’s and having taken courses in botany and horticulture from the University of New Hampshire, she wrote and illustrated a gardening book entitled ‘Cabbage or Cauliflower?’ which was published by David R. Godine of Boston.  

Primarily, she uses the medium of intaglio printmaking. Line etching involves drawing with a needle through a thin wax on a copper plate and this allows for the kind of detail she needs to explore the intricacies of her subjects. Aquatint, drypoint, and mezzotint are often incorporated and occasionally an image will call out for color and multiple plate processes. 

J. Ann Eldridge is a member of the NH League of NH Craftsmen and exhibits her work at galleries in the northeast and through the occasional retail art show.

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I think of myself as a reporter describing what I witness in the course of my days - while growing food or mucking about in swamps, for instance. What better way to really learn an animal or plant than to draw it? My prints and drawings are true stories and often I know the title before an image forms.

Drawing feels like the most direct line of expression from thought to paper – the immediacy of a pencil moving from light to dark – the complications of color are nearly an afterthought. Printmaking is an extension of drawing for me. I’m working to get the story down as clearly and accurately as I can while the thought is still fresh.