These prints represent different times, interpretations and processes. I love printmaking for how it can transform a drawing. The process gives the act of drawing exponential powers. It extends the process through layers of marks and the artist can have a record of each stage of development. Part of the reward is being able to quickly work up variations on a theme, or play with subtle changes in composition or color. The physicality and the many steps make it more fun. It is often a social activity done in a cooperative space. These are some of the reasons I enjoy making prints.

Stephanie Mahan Stigliano is on the faculty of the Visual Arts Department at Walnut Hill School for the Arts, Natick, MA and at Pine Manor College, Chestnut Hill, MA. She is on the Board of The Boston Printmakers. Her prints were exhibited in 2016: A State of Mind at the Lunder Gallery, Exeter, NH, and The Fourth National Monoprint/Monotype Juried Exhibition, Attleboro Arts Museum, MA. In Krakow, Poland with the Boston Printmakers, she contributed to a print portfolio with Faculty of The Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts. She participated in The Charles River Alphabet Prints portfolio and exhibited in the Boston Printmakers 2015 North American Biennial at Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. In 2014, she initiated aprint project between students of The Technical College of Reykjavik and The Walnut Hill School for the Arts and taught a workshop to the women’s artist collective of Hurumzi Henna Art Gallery in Stonetown, Zanzibar, TZ. She exhibited her prints at Íslensk Grafík in Reykjavik, Iceland and the Newport Museum, RI. She exhibited in Poland with Correspondence: The 9th International Book Art Festival, 2012-2013.  She contributed prints to Absence and Presence and books to Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here and her book was on the cover of July/August 2013 Art New England.