I cut bold lines and rugged forms into my woodblocks. I print my woodcuts in one color to convey either stark stillness or intense movement in the landscape. My prints are monochromatic because I do not want the distraction of color to diffuse the forms. Conversely, my monotypes and etchings feature layers of translucent color, elusive light on surfaces, and undulating lines. Both woodblock etching and monotype reveal my strong interest in the variety of changing textures and patterns in nature. I am constantly trying new techniques, inks, and tools to discover more ways of expressing myself through printmaking.
In my studio, I work on monotypes, etchings and woodcuts, which I develop from many studies. I continue to make work that interprets the natural world, whether it is a detailed flower or an expansive landscape.

Selma's work is inspired by the rugged beauty and fragility of nature. She is attracted to the dramatic play of light and shadow on rocky cliffs, the swirling patterns of rushing waterfalls and the translucent colors in partially frozen ice along the river's edge. She frequently skis and hikes with her sketchbook in tow so that she can draw a particular view. Back in her studio, she is often influenced by the sensitivity and directness of Japanese and Chinese sumi paintings as she creates new pieces from her nature studies.