Working primarily in mixed media, I use watercolor on unconventional surfaces such as canvas or Aquabord with torn handmade paper collage. I also paint in oils, oil bars, and acrylics.

When I paint I have a language, and the subject I choose is just a vessel for that language. Working in a series allows me to focus on a subject, painting it in subtly different ways. Each painting in a series reflects a different point of view both literally and figuratively. Recently I have been drawn to subjects like tangled vines, with which I explore conflict, resilience, and tenacity.

Inspired by patterns in nature and movement Sarah likes to capture the 'essence' of a subject more than a literal interpretation. Her style changed dramatically due to an eye disease that caused double vision. Having had eleven eye operations, she started painting 'close-up' views of plants around her garden, and changed her painting style to adapt to her changing vision.

Sarah's work is in the private collections of many homes and businesses throughout New England, and also more widely throughout the country and in Europe.