My work begins inside my head. An intensity of color, a reaction to light, a sensation, a dream, a word, a mood or a memory can be the starting point. The stirrings and restlessness to begin a work are physical – and this compulsion to create begins the process in my studio.

My work explores the underlying harmony in a seemingly disparate world – rooted in India but thriving and growing in the foreign but familiar world beyond. Of late I have been working with mixed media- using my prints, paper that I have made, and fabric that I have dyed.

My images dance on paper - the dance can be quiet, tranquil, thoughtful, serene, cerebral, obvious, pulsating or subtle. It is a play between movement and magic. I am done when my work sings.

Rani is a mixed media artist. She is primarily a printmaker but also makes paper and works with fabric. She has had her hands in paint, pulp, pigment, ink and dye ever since she can remember. Her work is her connection to the dynamic flow of energy and life – bridging her understanding of the space between the seen world and the felt world.

Rani is based in Boston but travels frequently, which is reflected in her work. Her education was received in India, with degrees in English and Textile Design, and further graduate work in Sweden and various classes at Harvard University. Her work has been exhibited widely and is in numerous private and corporate collections.