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I make monotypes because everything that may cause trouble also keeps the image lively and dynamic. The painting tools are unlimited: rollers, fingers, rags, brushes, each with a unique gestural quality. They can add paint, or lift it, create subtle light or brilliant whites. The process is fluid, moving back and forth between application and removal of color.  The painting must be done quickly, as the inks will start to dry after few hours. When the image is complete it will be transferred to paper with an etching press.

My choice of subject matter is related to what I like about this printmaking process.  I want these images be alive, catching only a moment as light, color and shape change.

Pam has made art since graduating with a BFA from MassArt.  She uses the printmaking technique of monotype working in her studio in central Massachusetts.  Over the years she's worked on many series focused mostly on nature.  The work has been exhibited throughout New England and other parts of the country.  She's a member of MGNE and Boston Printmakers.