Carving the undulating, grasping and retreating edges of a piece of steel, my thoughts wander from coral reefs to jigsaw puzzles and fractal geometry. I see coastlines, rivers and fjords. Beneath my torch, organisms rise up, reach out, grow and reproduce. Crackling fire. Leaping flames. The receding edge of burning paper. I remember the wind.

I am a mathematician. I am a ship designer, a Hollywood animator and a cave explorer. I am a printmaker, a traditional Chinese painter and a cut paper artist. I am a carpenter and a jackhammer operator. I am a writer and a lawyer. I am a daughter, a sister, a lover and a friend. 

I am a sculptor. And in that work, I see all the other things I am, all the other things I’ve done. As I carve and twist steel, face covered in soot, scraps of golden steel at my feet, I know I’m home.