My work is as much about the process as it is about the subject matter. Whether the lens is from my cell phone, scanner or camera, I begin with my photographs. I then prepare a plate using a photopolymer etching process. Hand wiping the plate, I vary my inking each time before running it through the press. The imagery often develops further by selectively inking in both intaglio and relief, drawing into and painting on the surface of the plate, combining with other plates, and layering with multiple runs through the press. The spirit of adventure and experimentation are constant throughout the process.

Although often working in series, each print is unique. Iā€™m never exactly sure how it will look until I pull it from the press, and embrace the element of surprise inherent in the medium.

Combining a love of photography, painting and printmaking, Marilyn Sherman creates one-of-a-kind hand pulled prints. After graduating from Bard College with a concentration in painting, Marilyn continued studies at the School at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Massachusetts College of Art, and deCordova Museum School.

An active participant in the printmaking community, Marilyn is a member (and former President) of Full Tilt Print Studio (formerly EES Arts), a member of The Boston Printmakers and former Treasurer of MGNE. Her prints are shown in regional and national exhibitions, and are included in the Boston Public Library and Art Complex Museum Duxbury print collections.