A graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Lynne earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree with a major in Art Education and a concentration in Printmaking.  She taught drawing, printmaking, and photography at Gloucester High School for several years, and she taught photography and animation with a gifted and talented program at Milton Academy.

Lynne enjoys painting in oils and watercolor en plein air and in studio.  Over the years she has studied with a number of artists including Betty Lou Schlemm, Paul George, Don Andrews, Robert Cormier, Pam Giarrantana, and Paul Ciaramitaro.  She has shown her work in many venues on the North Shore and at Fidelity Investments in Boston.

I am in love with light. Light creates shadow patterns; it bounces off of one object and splashes color onto another object. It can pass through the delicate spray of an ocean wave, yet reflect off a thin pane of glass. It is what motivates me to create a painting.

I love the versatility of paint as a medium. By thinning the paint down, luminous washes can be created; applied thickly, the color takes the spotlight. Although I often start with a plan, I allow insights along the way to inform my next decision. I develop a language with which to translate my view of the world around me.

My hope is that my paintings create an oasis for the viewer that helps them celebrate the good in their life and to connect with a memory or emotion of their own.