My current work, Chord & Color, merges the influences of visual and aural expression using a finely calibrated approach. The rich flat colors form vertical fields onto which slim black lines curve, twist, and swirl, each of them a delineation of tempo and chord shape. You hear/see a directive of expressive points:  here, silence, there, pause, now, back, next.   Using the syncopated beat found in jazz, the line engages, then settles into a referent tempo offered by formal reference to these existing blocks of chord harmonies emphasizing departure, resolution, and recapitulation. The resultant work possesses a vivid range of color and linear arrangements.

Jim Zingarelli (BFA Pratt Institute, M.A. Trinity College, CT, Nicoli Botteghe Artistici di Scultura, Cararra, Italy) is a painter and sculptor who has been teaching art for 36 years and is currently Professor of Art at Gordon College, Wenham, MA. He has taught at The Salzburg Institute, Salzburg, Austria as well as The Orvieto Semester, Italy and The Carving Studio & Sculpture Center in West Rutland, VT. His work has been exhibited at many local galleries and also in St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Attleboro Museum. He resides and works in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

"Chord & Color" was recently featured in a performance and virtual exhibit at the Berklee College of Music with original scores and performances by saxophonist Gail McArthur-Browne and violinist Helen Sherrah-Davies (both professors at the Berklee College of Music) based on the Chord and Color paintings. This collaborative arts project fuses painting and musical composition, creating a uniquely integrated experience for the audience.