I am inspired by the beauty of the landscape, of historic sights and of well-known landmarks. After visiting and taking in the atmosphere of a place, and deciding which view intrigues me the most, I take many photographs to remind me of the details I wish to remember. My plan is to focus the viewers of my artwork on the beauty of the fine detail of the scene.

Back in my studio I plan my painting, and start work. I begin with the sections I anticipate being the most challenging... usually the sky or the water! Then, after many hours of painstaking but satisfying work, the painting is complete, and my job is done.

Born in West Virginia, Houston had a very successful career in Boston as a graphic designer for 40 years, and has always had a good eye for design and attention to detail. Now 'retired', these skills honed over the years have proven delightfully transferable. Houston has a studio in Arlington MA, and works as a very talented watercolor painter. So far, he has produced over 300 paintings. At first sight, Houston's work is easily mistaken for a photograph! 

Working often from images of the areas of Massachusetts best known and loved by the locals, and other spots that he discovers for himself, Houston's paintings take very many hours to produce and are truly a labor of love.

Houston's work is much sought after and is featured in many private collections throughout the USA.



PLEASE NOTE: We have many more paintings by Houston in the gallery than are shown here, including a goodly number of his wonderful miniatures. (Photos are unavailable.)