My work is eclectic in influence and style: and the outcome may be abstract or representational, but the results always show a fascination with, and love of, color and texture... and a desire to express meaning visually. Generally working intuitively, and in an exploratory manner, (almost never with a clear picture in mind of the finished result,) my monoprints, paintings and mixed media pieces grow and change as they begin to emerge, with each different stage of the actual process of ‘creating’ being influential on the next... until the finished result works its way from the inside out.

Moving from London, England in 2005 to ‘New England’ led Gillian Ross on an adventure into a ‘new world’. For her, this was the world of Printmaking. The discovery of new materials, skills and techniques has opened up a new phase of exciting possibilities. The medium of printmaking appeals for many reasons, including the endless possibilities for experimentation, the many and varied techniques, and not least, the element of surprise.  Working in her Lexington MA studio, Ross also paints and makes mixed media assemblages.  She is the director of gallery blink and also of the Grace Chapel Art Gallery in Lexington MA. Her work is in many private collections, has been included in various publications and also exhibited in the US and UK.