There is a moment while I am painting that I can describe as the highest, or most fulfilled. It is the moment when I am fully engaged in seeing my subject. The subject, my eye, my arm, my hand, the paintbrush and the canvas are aligned, synchronized in a spiritual balance. My ego has flown away and I am left painting. It is fully “process versus product.” From this place always comes a product with which I am pleased. Staying in that balanced state of seeing and painting is the goal.

Emily (Osman) Passman is a painter of oils and acrylics, exhibiting throughout the greater-Boston area and New England. Emily's still lifes and landscapes maintain realism without losing a sense of the abstract. After earning both a fine arts degree and an M.A. in education, Emily had a successful career as an elementary school teacher, then graphic designer. Since moving to Lexington, MA with her husband and son, she has devoted herself entirely to her painting and teaching art locally. She is involved with many local arts events and is a member of the Lexington Council for the Arts. She currently paints in a studio in a barn behind her home.