Ever since her mother told her to “go practice your handwriting” Amy Schupler Veaner has been doing just that. As a professional lettering artist her designs have been seen around the globe on wedding invitations, personalized stationery, holiday cards, greeting cards, rubber stamps and more. Most recently the discovery of printmaking and all its processes has captivated her interest and creativity. She has a BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design, an Associateʼs degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and has studied at the Massachusetts College of Art, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and deCordova Museum School.

Amy works out of Full Tilt Print Studio, a cooperative printmaking studio in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. She is a member of the Monotype Guild of NE, Boston Printmakers, Cambridge Art Association and Masscribes. Her work is shown in regional and national exhibitions and is included in the Boston Public Library and Art Complex Museum Duxbury print collections. Many pieces have been privately collected.

“My work is highly influenced by the use of various mark making tools. The feel of the tool in my hand is a joyful experience that guides the direction of my work. The combination of creating a monotype and then adding lettering/drawing is an adventure in exploring color and design. My work often includes calligraphy. These may be collected writings or spontaneous thoughts that are released in the moment. Sometimes clear messages are obvious, but other times, the letters or words become design elements that allow me to enjoy the secret without having to reveal the message. My intent is that with careful use of color, design, scale and texture the visual plays along with the written word in ways that bounce between “what it says” and “what you see.” So put on your glasses and explore, but also stand back and take in the view! The interpretation is up to you.