Having spent many years making stained glass pieces, I have combined this with my other passion: gardening and flowers. By combining the two I’ve created many “bud vase” stained glass pieces. You will see many of these pieces in my collection on display in gallery blink

Kristine Arnold designs and creates original stained glass pieces using the traditional lead came method.  She designs, cuts, grinds to fit the glass together and then builds the window by using an H shaped piece of lead to frame each section of glass and solders the joints. Each piece is finished with putty between the lead and glass and then it is cleaned. With this process, each piece is built with the strength and integrity to be an exterior window. 

Kristine lives and works in New Hampshire with her contractor husband Scott and their pup Yogi. She shows her work has been on display in many locations throughout New England and in is in many private collections.