The works in this exhibition reflect activities common to biological molecules, to cells and organisms, especially humans - and even to heavenly bodies. The use of stained glass as a medium mimics the cell, whose transparent surface allows its interior to be visualized microscopically, often using biological stains to mark target structures including specific proteins, DNA, and organelles such as the proteasome, axoneme, ribosome, nucleus, and others. Each work represents a biological process which has its counterpart in human activities and in the wider universe. Through these stained-glass representations of important biological molecules and structures, these works illustrate the beauty and mystery of the universe and the laws of science

Joel's love of science and art grew during his 41 years as Professor of Biology at Emmanuel College, Boston, and as Director of Immunology Workshops where for more than 30 years he presented lectures on immunology to pharmaceutical scientists using scientifically accurate illustrations he created.

He has also been painting for 20 years and has had solo exhibitions throughout the region. Joel's recent venture, working in the medium of stained glass, applies and uses his experience as a graphic artist and his knowledge of science. This novel and new endeavor is resulting in beautiful images of biological molecules and structures.