A seminal moment in the evolution of my art practice was hearing the tale of the Aran fishermen who, as legend has it, wore sweaters that had been knitted with specific arrangements of stitches, which would identify them to specific location in the event of their being drowned.
This myth resonated with me on several levels. It highlights the enduring and constant struggle against the natural elements, it epitomizes the sense of belonging in a tight knit community and it employs the use of visual symbols to encode cultural identity.
I use yarn as a drawing medium and the various yarns and knots create lines, textures, tones and shapes. In my monotypes I use my own hand knitting but I also deconstruct secondhand items of clothing that have their own history.
My current work is 3 dimensional and an exploration of using a variety of materials incorporating found objects as well as yarn in my process.

Jan Powell is a British born artist whose career as a tutor of art and design has spanned three decades. In August 2001, she participated in the Fulbright Teachers' Exchange Program. She moved to Winchester, Massachusetts, permanently in October 2005. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Open University and a Master of Arts in Printmaking from the University of the Arts, London, UK. Jan has exhibited her work in the Greater London and Boston areas. Her work is in private collections in the United Kingdom, USA and Australia.