Hello Artists...

We invite you to submit images for consideration for our upcoming show:

‘re/seeing HUMDRUM’
Seeing beauty in the ordinary and everyday

This will, as always, be an eclectic and diverse exhibition.

We are looking for artwork that celebrates the beauty of the ordinary - the beauty of every-day objects, everyday views and everyday occurrences. Art that brings to attention that which might otherwise be missed.

Our ‘brainstorm’ produced these ideas:

  • anything that relates to what happens in or around ‘home’ (including still lifes / interiors)

  • a more ‘metaphysical’ space that speaks of ‘home’

  • art inspired by food/nourishment of any kind, (including drinks – e.g. water, tea, coffee, etc…  or work that includes tea bags, coffee stains etc.)

  • glasses, dishes, silverware, tools (not only images of, but also actual glasswork, functional ceramic pieces, work made from silverware. Steampunk?)

  • animals, (pets), insects, birds, (creatures that you might see on a daily basis – nothing exotic)

  • clothing, shoes… Or artwork made using fabrics/yarns… knitted work?

  • work that references the ordinary activities of life: we’ve mentioned eating & drinking, but what about sleeping, dreaming, exercising, walking, reading, working, playing, conversing, etc…

  • streetscapes, cityscapes, industrial spaces

  • views from your window

  • Simple pleasures

  • Abstract work is very welcome

  • Sculptural pieces (indoor or outdoor) welcome

  • Something else? We welcome a broader interpretation of the theme than the ideas above

We encourage you to send us digital images for consideration. (ideally 5 images minimum, and as many as you like.) See details below.
The gallery's commission on any work sold is 35%.
Here's the scoop regarding dates etc...

gallery twist

're/seeing HUMDRUM'
seeing beauty in the ordinary and everyday

September 27 - October 20, 2019
open every day 11-5
   Opening Celebration, September 28

Please send images (5 or more ideally, and as many as you'd like) as soon as possible, and by Sunday, August 18th latest. (You'll be informed shortly thereafter if your work is selected. (by August 22 latest.)
Please also label files to include pertinent info:
e.g. ROSS_Quiet Moment_Monotype_15x15_$500.jpg

Including information in your email regarding your anticipated framing or other means of presentation for gallery display would be helpful.

If work is selected we will send you an inventory form - please bring it along signed and filled out on:
Thursday, September 5, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Friday, September 6, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
(You can also deliver work any time before these dates, just let us know when is best for you.)

Any unsold work can be collected during the week following the show.

We look forward to hearing from you,

John & Gillian