My first love was for color. How colors influence your emotions. How colors change depending on their surroundings. I am fascinated by how one color affects another and how the viewer is affected by their visual reception in his/her mind.
My second love is freedom. Art, especially abstract art and mixed media, enables me to have total freedom to express myself visually, without any limitations or restrictions. I feel free to use any material or technique available in the world. There is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, only my own inner sense of when a piece is complete.

Deb works over many months and often years on each mixed media piece, freely tying various techniques which, in that moment she finds inspiring.  Later, she will often paint over, scratch out or remove what doesn’t seem to work.  However, each layer leaves its mark, and is never truly a ‘mistake’.  

Deb graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1986 after successfully completing their European Honors Program in Rome, Italy and also studying with renowned watercolorist Jan D’Esopo in Puerto Rico.   In 1987 she completed the prestigious curatorial program at Christie's Fine Arts course in London, England.  Since graduating from RISD, Deborah has lived, worked, exhibited and sold her work nationally and internationally including Puerto Rico, Morocco, Rome, Boston and Dallas.

Deborah presently works and resides in Concord, MA with her two children, Kate and Kerri.