The premise that human relationships with the earth are dynamic, mutable, interactive, and move in ever-evolving cycles of repetition and variation underlies most of my work. My choices are guided by oppositional constructs of order and chaos, perception and obstruction that manifest the control and serendipity.

Catherine is co-founder, and partner of Mixit Print Studio. She is currently also Director of Maud Morgan Arts, an art center in Cambridge.

In recent years Catherine has abandoned the depiction of a particular place, preferring to work in a more abstract, improvisatory way, drawing on internalized experiences in a painterly process of controlled accident. Working at the interface between printmaking and painting, using large-scale woodblocks in unorthodox ways as a transfer tool, she builds images layer by layer without predicting the outcome. No longer a purist, she exploits any available tool or means to transfer color and form to surface. Interruption and interference with the “perfect transfer” are integral to the process.